A Page for Well-Crafted Sentences

As someone planning to make a career out of reading, I make my way through my share of literature. In so doing, I frequently come across gobbits of poetry or prose that stick with me for a while after I read them. The result is this: a page entirely devoted to well-crafted sentences. I’ll add and change as my reading and my whims take me to new literary points of interest.

Our first reading comes from “Monster Trans” by Boots Potential, a piece published in From the Inside Out, ed. Morty Diamond.

“… I will never say that my early fascination with monsters was all about my being a queer genderfreak transboygirl fagdyke. I will say, though, that there has always been something compelling to me about a living (or undead) thing that that can freak the shit out of someone just by merit of their very existence in the world. Especially when, in doing so, it forces us to question the boundaries of the things we once thought were neat, well-defined, and impermeable (human, animal inanimate object, living, dead, etc).”


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20 07 2010

Need all the good examples I can get.

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