My Girlhood: A Very Serious Business

18 07 2010

I wrote a guest post on T-Central called My Girlhood: A Very Serious Business. It’s a brief romp through childhood and learning the right way to play Barbies and I warmly invite you to check it out!




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18 07 2010

oh man I am so glad that you didn’t keep that resolution not to burp out loud

19 07 2010

Thanks! I am, too. And so is that cousin who filmed music videos with me, since she’s made it her life work to encourage gaseousness in our family.

19 07 2010
Petra Bellejambes

Your guest post up on T-Central is wonderfully written. Great stuff for people who, like me, do not have too much contact or experience with F2M society.

Thanks for sharing. I will stay around a while and see what I can learn.


19 07 2010

Thank you! It means a lot to me that you took the time to read.

19 07 2010

i was going to say the exact same thing! i almost can’t believe you ever made such a resolution…it’s almost as though you’re making up for lost time now. good job, james…i’m glad you’re you (spit, fingernails, and all). 🙂

28 07 2010
Reassigned « First Jamie, Then James

[…] in the proper key, explain how you can be a feminist without being a woman. Having been assigned once before, I’ve been reassigned. The assignment I received the last time needed tweaking and has thus been […]

28 07 2010

I love you James! Including the chapstick-bra-cami or button-down shirt, spiky hair or meticulously spiral-curled, boobs or no boobs, whatever. Great t-central article. I’m so glad that we live in a day where you have resources to change your appearance to fit your gender. I mean, that kind of freedom is a big responsibility, but you’ve risen to the occasion beautifully. Well done.

2 01 2011

“My gender is made of me” – I love it. Thanks for writing!

19 01 2011

Thank you! That means a lot, especially since I really enjoy your writing in return!

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